Saturday, August 15, 2009

RSN Rayer! The Best Adun In Malaysia!

This is to announce that RSN Rayer has been awarded as the Best Adun In Malaysia by Kg.Buah Pala Villagers and the surrounding area which has the same time zone.

This award was presented to him on few merits ;

1. he was not here for the people under his constituency, at the time they suffer!

2. Giving press statement without even accessing the exact condition that is going here in Kg.Buah Pala.

3. Never even once visited the village from the time I came here on the 12.08.09.

4. Not answering the phone calls from the villagers

5.The Ungrateful Adun of the year.

You are the worse Adun that I have seen in Malaysia! You are just staying less that 1.5KM from Kg.buah Pala but did not even come and visit the Villagers for the past 8month. He is the Adun for the Family and his wife and not for the people who voted for them!! Koy Kah Hwa, former Delima Assemblyman has visited the villagers more than any other Aduns here, he is the one who stated that the soil test results made in Kg.Pala is not suitable for the High Rise Building development! He was concern about the villagers more than RSN Rayer!