Thursday, August 13, 2009

Taking Advantage of Buah

Buah Pala drama that has been going on since 8am, has finally came to the climax, but not ended yet, Bailiff has postponed the demolition to another month from today! That was the unofficially news we got for now, although the postponment has been announced, the delevoper's gangsters are still at the position, so the villagers are still at their positions too. They are alert still waiting for any unwanted things or it could be a false alarm!

A well known advantage taking Indian so called politician is here with his new party called Makkal Sakthi. At the last minute and trying to win peoples heart by claiming he is the one made the bailiff to postponed the demolition process till another month, I find this news is the most interesting one throughout the strugle. Dont believe anyone, the only person was there for the villagers are the villagers themself and not from outside influences! They struggled since morning with all the baton and pushes and got their minor winning today! Bravo High Chaparral residents!!

Rwindraj@ Cryingvoices..