Thursday, August 13, 2009

Negotiation still on-going..

5.28pm Buah Pala.

The residents are now still at confusion on what's the next cause of action, Lawyer Darshan Singh is in the scene now and Police personel and the villagers are talking to the residents regarding the final agreement letter and the authorities are now persuading the residents to sign the final agreement paper!

5.31pm Buah Pala-Malaysiakini

After speaking to the villagers for about an hour, Lawyer Darshan told newsmen that the villagers would not sign the document.

"It's like hanging rope and a trap for the villagers.

"The document is legally seeking the villagers' own admission that the land was not theirs," he said.

Darshan has already lined up several cases to be filed on the behalf of the villagers.

Among the cases were an application to caveat the land by the residents, application for a stay of execution against demolition attempt by the developer and land owner.

Another application is to seek a court declaration that the state government shall allow the villagers to have legal representation in negotiations.

On Aug 18, the villagers' case for a review of the Federal Court decision on June 24 will be up for hearing.

Darshan also plans to file another application to review an earlier Court of Appeal decision on May 11 that ruled the villagers not having a locus standi to seek a full trial over the village land deals.