Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's not over yet for Kg.buah Pala...

By Rwindraj - Cryingvoices.

I thought it has ended, and the villagers are free for another month but I was wrong, after the promises from the bailiff, there are yet another contract to be signed by the Villagers, the contract is rather complicated and not siding the villagers, it's like a trap for them, stated in the contract ;

1. The Villagers has been given until 1/9/09 to vacate their homes.

2. After the 1st of Sept 09, the villagers has no right or can't be an obstacle and has to co-operate with the developer before and during demolition.

3. On the 1st of Sept the Developer will be getting an execution order from the court to demolish the houses.

4. In any case if the villagers are not abiding by this agreement, the developer will demolishing this village without any further notices.

Do you think that we should sign this contract? Its merely a contract to trap the villagers, there is only one choice given to the villagers.. demolish now or later! and if they have signed the contract then the villagers are consenting the developer, court and everyone that they are leaving this place to allow the developer to demolish without any complications. The person who has signed this contract is the Makkal Sakthi Political party 3 representatives including its leader Thanenthiran! I dont know why they want to sign such paper! something is wrong here...

2 of the villagers representatives and the reps from the developer were there on the discussion of the postponement of the demolition decision, some sources says that they have been given exactly one month from today and some said that they has time until 31/august 2009. We are still waiting for the final desicion and say from the villagers! Villagers reps are still negotiating with the bailiff regarding the contract, hope all will be on the side and advantage of the villagers!