Thursday, August 13, 2009

A small contribution to the Community and a Warning to the Foul Players, No matter who you are!

-By Conscious and Unconscious...


Live from Kg.Buah Pala 12.23am Aug 13th 2009

I reached Kg.Buah Pala at about 2120hrs, the condition here is not as potrayed

the national medias, things here are in tense and the residents are suffering everyday, even now at 2344hrs, the residents are sitting at the tent set up here to discuss on this matter and worried on what will happen to them in the next morning, everyone is threatening them, playing with their feelings and treat them badly without understanding their feelings.

There is almost hopeless to trust the politicians here, I m very dissapointed with Lim Guan Eng and Prof.Ramasamy on this incident, what is business compare to the people that has trusted you and voted for you believing that they will be taken care and protected by the Assemblyman, Adun Saniswaran Nethaji Rayer is in his last moment enjoying his seat for the last time in politics, he will be no one in the next GE in this constituition.

He never cared and did anything to save the village and the villagers, All the statements given previously was based on political motive only. If at this moment, any political party or organisation saves Kg.Buah Pala, then the vote of the residents, their relatives and their friends will be for that party or organisation! The resident is in the desperate moment to save the Village, only I and the residents can feel the moments here, To all the bloggers and Reporters out there, please do not write anything unneccessarily without knowing what is the actual scenario here.

The promisses made by the Developer, contractor, state government are all lies and nothing is assured and promised to the villagers! The news in the medias are all baseless, the residents here are frustratred but strong in protecting the village, the news that says that they are not united is also baseless, they are still united and strong to protect the village and their rights! Finally, this is not the land of the state government!

This is the land presented to them by honorable British man and the family, Brown Family for their hardwork and contribution in developing this land to be a productive one..

Conscious and Unconscious,

Rwindraj @ Cryingvoices