Saturday, March 1, 2008

SV was not welcome in Lunas

Samy Vellu was not welcomed in Lunas yesterday ( 26/02/2008 ). More than 3000 people gathered with bannners to block Samy Vellu from entering Lunas. He was supposed to meet the people there and also attend a dinner organized by MCA Lunas and Pemuda MIC . Roads to enter the Chinnese hall was blocked with the poeple there.. and refused to let Samy Vellu in. He then had no choice.More than 100 policemen were placed there to control the situation. Yet they could not control the crowd, more than 12 FRU trucks complete with water cannons and tear gas launchers was brought to control the situation there.. No tear gas and water canons were used. But they are all in postion. Padang Serai Parliment candidate Gopalakrishnan was on the spot to ensure the safety of the people there and to calm down the situation there. His son was arrested by the police.

-posted by Supporter in Malaysian_Indian yahoogroup