Saturday, March 1, 2008

Show Hindraf 5 our gratitude

Show Hindraf 5 our gratitude
KillBill07 Feb 26, 08 4:22pm

Before you lay yourself down to sleep tonight, take a moment to think of the Hindraf 5 currently being detained under the ISA in Kamunting. Just wonder what must be going through their minds, as they lie on their beds. Without doubt, they must be missing their wives and children. Take a moment to think of their children who cannot see, hug or play with their fathers.
The Hindraf 5 must be wondering how to support their families since they are out of work. They must be thinking how to continue the struggle for the Indians in this country since their freedom has been so unjustly taken away from them. They may even wonder if the Indian Malaysians have forgotten them.
Now, take a moment to think of our prime minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Think of him lying on his comfortable bed in Putrajaya. Do you think he feels an iota of guilt, since he was the one who signed the ISA instructions to wrongfully separate these men from their wives and children? Think of MIC President S Samy Vellu lying on his bed after a good dinner with his family.
Do you think he feels sorry for the plight of these men, since he was the one who boldly declared to the international media that they were detained under the ISA on mere suspicions that they had terrorist links? Both of them know in their hearts that these men are innocent, but they had to selfishly put them away to safeguard their political futures.
How can we continue to allow these kinds of men to be our leaders?
The MIC was supposed to take care of the Indian community¢s interests all these years, but only after the Nov 25 Hindraf rally do you see the government taking such a keen interest in this deprived community. Million of dollars have been ¡promised¢ for Tamil schools. The chief secretary to the government has been instructed to ¡look into¢ hiring more Indians for the civil service. An Indian boy falls to his death at a school in Puchong, and Umno Youth now sends an officer to visit the family and investigate!
Would all this have taken place if not for Hindraf? If your answer is ¡no,¢ take a moment to think about where their struggles and sacrifices have landed them.
How do we repay these men who put the interests of their community above themselves and their families? How do we give back for the sacrifices they have made?
The best thing we can do is to free them. How do we do it? The ISA is the tool of this government. If this government is replaced in the next elections, the ISA will fall, and the Hindraf heroes will be freed. Therefore, if you value the sacrifices these men, their wives and their young children have made for your interests, then all you registered voters should make a commitment to vote against the Barisan Nasional on March 8, election day.
Go out in force and urge your families and friends to go with you. Just remember that every vote counts. The government has taken us for fools by promising a lot of last-minute goodies and last-minute development plans. Let us show them that we are not fools.
Most importantly, come election day, let us show Uthayakumar, Manoharan, Kenghadharan, Ganabatirau, Vasantakumar and their families that we have not, and will never forget them.

In matters of conscience, the law of the majority has no place-Mahatma
-taken from malaysian_indian yahoogroup