Tuesday, March 8, 2011

UMNO directs MIC President mandore to tell Indian poor to go back and work in plantations for RM 700 p.m. But 442,000 Malay muslims made 10 acre plantation land owners and earning RM 3,000 p.m

Today there are no more Malay plantation workers. They have all become landowners.

The neo colonialist UMNO replaced the British after sucking the blood, sweat and tears of the Indian poor for 54 long years.

This level of UMNO state sponsored racism does not happen in any part of the world.

And when the estates were made way for development, these poor Indian plantation workers were forced by UMNO to become homeless, urban squatters, security guards, toilet cleaners, office boys, home cleaners, road sweepers, general workers, lorry, taxi and van drivers and other unskilled workers.

Why not the 10 acre land ownership for at least the remaining estimated 86,678 (Indian) plantation workers nationwide?

But 244,187 registered foreign workers are imported to avoid making these defenceless 86,678 Indian poor and landless the Felda like landowners (see SH 18/2/11 at page S28).

UMNO directs this MIC President Indian mandore to tell the Indian poor that they at least get RM 700 now as opposed to the RM 300 previously.

The prime Minister announced that an income of RM 687 per month is the Poverty Line Index.

The Malay muslim poverty rate was reduced from 50% in 1957 to 1.8% last year. Absolute poverty was reduced to 1.8% last year in 2008 under NEP (NST 3/3/09 at page 17).

(see NST 7/3/2011 at page 7 and UM 7/3/2011 at page 24)

Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice

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