Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hindraf, not Pakatan is the real threat to Umno

In February, Malaysians witnessed a total shut down of Kuala Lumpur, and the arrests of over 300 people with the current 53 charged in the rally against racism in Malaysia.

It is surprising that the Umno government has gone to such an extent to silence the Hindraf movement when even the opposition did not face such treatment other than those 106 arrested in Operasi Lalang in 1987 under Mahathir's regime.

In hindsight, the government feels that the grass roots movement of Hindraf is more potent that the politicking of the opposition. Maybe they realise the opposition like them is an endless trail of bickering of who does what and how it has to be done, but how it gets dissipated to the grassroots is a major stumbling block for either the ruling government or the opposition.

The government probably realised that Hindraf is still alive and kicking because they are the voice of the poor, deprived and marginalised who form about 70 percent of the population.

Why and how Hindraf can be the voice for the poor, deprived and marginalised? Naturally if you look at their leaders, they are not people of material substance, no datuks, tan sris, people with connections, and so on, but a movement of people who are genuinely interested in uplifting the society with their own sacrifices for the people within the society.

If you take the trouble to notice, you will realise that this group does not have any support either from the opposition or the NGOs and works solely in their belief with their followers that their path cannot be compromised for political and personal agenda, but what is the best for the community on the long run.

Even now in the by-elections, their arrest for the anti racism forums were well circulated by the opposition to optimise on the sentiment for vote count, yet none has lent a hand for their cause against racialism on February 27, 2011.

Similar to Suqiu, I think we have a genuine movement in Hindraf and their leaders without fear or favour who fight a cause for the voiceless poor, deprived and marginalised in society although they have been branded from hero in 2008 to villains these days.

Those who doubt or feel insecure behind their cyber world will always feel that way, and that is a choice that they make but truth is not with choice but what it is, no manoeuvring around it.

And in Hindraf I realised that is what they stand for with their struggle on their own to ensure truth survives without fear or favour.

The funny thing about the whole thing is, we talk about racism and what not, but never individually take the trouble to find out what it is, other than listening and commenting to the endless preaching of politicians on how it should be done.

Frankly, as an adult, I am sure you are also mature enough to understand that it is not a perfect world, but by sitting on the sidelines and commenting to vent our frustration on cyberspace is not going to solve the problem that the community faces, as they are a part of us one way or another.

As a human first, I respect these Hindraf followers who fight tooth and nail with all the adversity that is thrown against them by Umno, by the opposition and us know-all cyber commentators.