Tuesday, March 8, 2011

INTERLOK : UMNO police Bully have started arresting even small boys

photos1_thumb[1]This morning, we received information from the Human Rights Party Vice President Tamil Selvam that, on 7th March 2011, three school boys were arrested by the police at SMK Kuala Kubu Baru secondary school. These three students namely Satish a/l Arumugan, Pustanathan and Suresh are 17 years old form 5 students.

The occurrence had happened on last Friday on 4th March 2011 at their school, whereby a group of 6 students had gone to see Cikgu Zarina bt Jaffar to return the racist Interlok book. However, their teacher Cikgu Zarina bt Jaffar had scolded them claiming they were ‘Orang Pariah’. Therefore, because of the discontent, they went to meet the Penolong Kanan of the school to report, however the Penolong Kanan told that ‘jangan membesarkan issue ini’ and had apologized on behalf of Cikgu Zarina bt Jaffar. Also, the Penolong Kanan of the school gave Rm 10 to the students and said ‘ guna duit ini sebagai tambang bas dan jangan report anything’ The students refused to take the money and requested the Penolong Kanan of the school to let them meet Cikgu Zarina bt Jaffar for explanation of such harsh words. However, Cikgu Zarina bte Jaffar had refused to meet them.

The next day, when the students went to school as usual, they were arrested at school. Therefore, at 1.20 pm, Mr Ganeson representing the legal firm of Kumar Hashimah and Co Human Rights Party had called the IPD Kuala Kubu Baru Police Station to found out that the OCPD, Senior Investigation officer, but was told all had gone off for lunch. Though Ganeson could get the investigation officer Puan Zazadillah on the line, still she was not co-operative. Then a call was made to Malaysian Control Country (MCC), at 03-22662222, Bukit Aman Police Headquarters where the duty Police Commander on duty DSP Roslan had slammed down the phone on Ganeson. Ganeson had contacted the OCPD who in turn asked to refer to ASP Yatim bin Hj Osman. ASP Yatim bin Hj Osman had explained that these three students had been arrested on the grounds of threatening Cikgu Zarina to which we protested as the students were the victims. When Mr Ganeson had asked when these 3 three students would be released, ASP Yatim Hj Osman had replied that they will only be released after the investigation is over, and he is not sure about the exact time of their release.

This is the classical police answer and abuse of powers. How can the police arrest these three school boys from school and take them to the police station without notifying their parents. This is the typical racist UMNO police mindset.

School boys Satish Kumar a/l Arumugam, Pustanathan & Suresh released. Now going to lodge police report against the racist UMNO teacher & Inspector Hamsani bin Abu Hassan of IPD KKB of Hal Ehwal Awam for using word pun _ _ k on these Form Five school boys them .

Sanjay Kumar and five others lodge police reports against racist UMNO teacher. Victim Sanjay now locked up at KKB police station

This is the latest and the tip of the iceberg of the UMNO and their police racism against the minority Indian poor.