Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Krishnan's family does not accept 2nd autopsy result

(Malaysiakini) The preliminary report on the second autopsy on electrician M Krishnan, who died in police custody on Jan 7, concurs with an earlier finding that he died from stomach ulcer.

NONELawyer Gurmit Singh Hullon (left), who is representing Krishnan's family, said his clients could not accept the finding of the second autopsy. 

“We are not happy with the result and we do not accept it because it is conflicts with evidence provided that Krishnan was assaulted, beaten and left to die, without medical attention, for five days,” he Gurmit said.

The second post-mortemm performed at the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) by pathologist Dr K Mathiharen, carried out after the family refused to accept the outcome of the first autopsy. 

Krishnan's wife P Revathi, 37, told reporters she did not accept the UMMC preliminary post-mortem report, insisting that her husband died from assault by the police. 

NONE“I will fight this in court, no matter how long it takes. I will wait for the official first and and second post-mortem results,” she said, fighting to hold back her tears. 

“We have two eyewitnesses, who saw everything, and there are photographs of his bruises.”
First report still not out
Gurmit said Mathiharen told him that there were several contusions on Krishnan's body but this was not reflected in the autopsy result. 

The lawyer said the family would wait for both the official documents on the first and second post-mortem findings before considering further action. 

Mathiharen is expected to release his report on Feb 7. 

Krishnan, 37, was arrested on Jan 3 for what police said was a drug related offence. He was remanded for four days.
On Jan 6, he was sent to hospital after developing stomach complications, and was pronounced dead the next day. 

The first post-mortem, conducted at Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, concluded that Krishnan died from stomach ulcer. 

On Jan 19, both the police and Attorney-General's Chambers gave the family the green light to seek a second post-mortem following an application filed in court.