Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PKR, DAP & PAS excludes HRP in seat negotiation. Even evil UMNO gives MIC 9 parliament & 20 state seats. HRP & Hindraf to go on solo with Project 15/38 irrespective.

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Without even lifting a finger or even opening their mouth even the evil  UMNO grants at least 9 Parliament  and 20 state seats to the MIC mandores.  And P.R. are having their seat distribution  meeting among PKR, DAP and PAS, and is not prepared to make way for HRP and Hindraf  (see BH 24/1/11 at page 9).
PKR, DAP & PAS P.R fairer to the Indians than UMNO/BN?
Just because HRP and Hindraf are not prepared  to assume the PR Indian mandores  role, PKR, DAP and PAS has even refused to talk to HRP and Hindraf. Our official letters asking to meet Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang have never been replied to.
HRP and Hindraf has even written in and asked PKR, DAP and PAS to make way in HRP’s targeted 15/38 Parliament and State seats to make way for a straight fight between HRP and BN and so as not to split the Opposition votes and to end our common enemy UMNO/BN’s 53 year rule without a break of the chain of Putrajaya. We are even prepared to get Indians to support PKR, DAP and PAS/PR in the rest of the 207 Parliament and 538 state seats as is the arrangements between UMNO/BN and MIC. Also to support PR form the next Federal government in Putrajaya and even for Anwar Ibrahim to become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.
Yet, PKR, DAP and PAS as it stands appear even more evil cruel and greedy than UMNO/BN.
Irrespective, pushed to the wall and out of no other choice, HRP and Hindraf would proceed with it’s Project 15/38. And if BN wins as a result of a three concerned fight and a split in the opposition votes and BN gets to continue to rule Putrajaya by just a slim majority of these 15 seats, then PKR, DAP and PAS’ responsibility for the continued injustices by the evil UMNO/BN is going to continue to be meted out to in particular the Indian poor.
Note:     1)    That Julia Gillard party is now ruling Australia by a two seat majority.
    2)    PR got to rule Perak in the March 2008 General elections also by a two seat majority.
    3)    In the March 2008 General Elections the popular votes was 51%  for BN and 49% for the Opposition.
    4)    PKR, DAP and PAS are again accepting for free Indian votes as what swept them to power in Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor (and Wilayah Persekutuan K.L) and denying  UMNO/BN their two thirds majority all for the first time in the history of Malaysia because of Hindraf’s political directions to vote en block for PKR, DAP and PAS. But this time around in the General Elections 13, PKR, DAP and PAS are no longer going to get the free Indian votes.
If they don’t make way for HRP in its Project 15/38 HRP, then Hindraf’s political directions would be to abstain from voting PR or BN in the rest of the said 207 Parliament  and 538 state seats!
The ball is in PKR, DAP and PAS’ court on ending the evil UMNO/BN regime’s rule of Putrajaya.
P. Uthayakumar