Thursday, April 15, 2010

ISA “freedom” first Tamil New Year

1 Today is the first Tamil New Year my colleagues the Hindraf lawyers and myself are celebrating with our families and loved ones since our release from ISA arrest, detention and “conviction” without trial for 514 days from 13/12/2007 to 9/5/2009.
Even though at work, I had the pleasure of receiving all day telephone calls and SMSes wishing me a Happy Tamil New Year.
At about 2.30 p.m I had chance to rush home to join my family for the first “freedom” Tamil New Year vegetarian lunch. It meant a lot especially after having missed it for two years.
Observing Tamil New Year behind bars at Kamunting Prison@ Malaysia’s Guantanamo Bay is in itself a form of torture that UMNO intended us to suffer and labour from.
My wife Indra recollected the last two years of our separated Tamil New Year and tears were rolling down her cheeks.
I never had and will never have any regrets for this, was, and is part and parcel of the Hindraf Makkal Sakthi people power struggle.
On this day I also recognise that had it not been because of the continuous and persistent Hindraf people power forces campaigning for our release, the nationwide Hindu temple prayers, people praying for us at home, we would all still be languishing in jail.
Irrespective by 3.45p.m. I am back in the office writing this piece.