Saturday, April 17, 2010

IGP bodoh”: P. Uthayakumar lashes out at Taiping Police Chief (OCPD) Yusof on masked police UTK shoot to kill policy of 2 Indians

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Our video dated 13/4/2010 is testimony to our century old no nonsense fight against police brutality, abuse of powers and the police shoot to kill policy of in particular Indians since our Police Watch and Human Rights Committee days since 1999.
This is the very police abuses we have been fighting for over the last twelve years. A group of seven masked and civil clothes policemen in a police operation set a trap, cordon off the road and simply pump bullets into the head, face and even eye by the police sharp shooters in their shoot to kill policy, of mere Indian suspects, with the fifty other uniformed and non uniformed malay muslim policemen assisting. Because despite having a 100,000 strong police force, they “could not” capture alive just two Indian suspects and prosecute them in Courts as is the due process of the law.
But to the contrary and after having brutally murdered in cold blood these two Indian youths, they display an assortment of guns, bullets and other weapons allegedly recovered from the two shot dead by police brothers who cannot defend themselves (refer BH 10/4/2010 page 9, NST 10/4/10 pg 20, SH 10/4/10 page N2).
P. Uthayakumar