Saturday, April 17, 2010

hulu sgor kapar Hulu S’gor: Kapar Indian MP mandore powerless to secure Indian candidate. Anwar needs blind mandores!

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This Kapar Indian MP mandore now appears to be competing with the Chief Indian Exco mandore in Selangor in pledging blind support for their tuan Anwar Ibrahim using the Tamil newspapers (MO 16/4/2010 at page 8).
One of the first things the PKR leadership did within months of it’s inception was to start snatching away traditional Indian seats and giving it to the Malays. Because Indians soft targets? Easily bullied?
This MP mandore is powerless to question his tuan Anwar Ibrahim as to why this traditional Indian seat of Hulu Selangor could not be given to an Indian candidate and why the opposition Indians are being played out for the forth time beginning from Teluk Kemang (2000) Lunas (2001) Ijok (2006) and now Hulu Selangor.
Whereas when it was the traditional Malay seat beginning from Sanggang (2000), Kuala Berang (2004), Pengkalan Pasir (2005), Batu Talam (2007), Penanti (2009), Manek Urai (2009), Permatang Pasir (2009), Bagan Pinang (2009), Hulu Selangor (2010), Permatang Pauh (2008), Kuala Terengganu (2009), Bukit Gantang (2009), none were handed over to non malays.
Whereas the Chinese traditional seats of Machap, Ketari and Indera Kayangan, none were handed over to non chinese. Only Indian held seats are taken away!
The least this PKR Indian MP mandore could have done was to have remain silent when he could not even or was powerless to secure this seat for his very own buddy and prominent human rights lawyer who has a track record of speaking up even for the Indians without fear or favour, which the 11 other mandore MP’s would not. What more P.R’s other 78 MPs.
But he is aiding and abetting his 17 year standing ex-UMNO Tuan Anwar Ibrahim’s racist agenda and further discriminating and alienating the Indians from the national mainstream development of Malaysia.
Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice
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