Wednesday, February 24, 2010

PAS, DAP.PKR stop fooling around with mandorism. UMNO stop creating more Indian parties, it just will not work. Come clean with equitable policies and

For any discerning citizen it will be immediately apparent that the only political party in Malaysia that represents the Indians and is in clear opposition to UMNO is the Human Rights Party(HRP). All the other parties ( nine of them -MIC, PPP, IPF, Punjabi Peoples Party, Kimma, Mindraf, MMSP, MCC and MUIP) are just falling over one another fighting to get a lick at the honey. They represent the narrow and selfish interests of those few who will fight to deliver the Indian votes to UMNO in return for a lick at the honey. They are part of the ongoing treachery against the Indians in Malaysia. It is only when the true interests of the working class Indians are represented in the halls of power that the Indians in this country will get to really move on.

Then look at DAP and PKR who also vie for the Indian votes. Yes that is all they are interested in – the Indian votes. And they want the votes cheaply. They will throw maybe two peanuts at their Mandores, not one like UMNO and hope their dues are paid for the votes. They will create an illusion of representation more treacherous than UMNO by saying we have a Deputy Chief Minister II, we have a Speaker of the Assembly who are Indians, did you have that under UMNO. But what is the point of having impotent representatives like that. They make no difference any way. The differences they proudly and shamelessly speak about is like the naming of roads in Penang in Tamil or of giving land to one or two Tamil Schools which anyway gets mired in the mud because of the passing of the buck between PR and UMNO. It is time these politicians understood that there is a price for the votes – they are not going to come cheap anymore. Who is willing to pay the price will get the votes and not any one else. The price is a clear change to policies vis-à-vis the Indians - to solve the endemic problem of poverty among the Indians, to put in place equal rights in all sense, to create equal opportunities in all sense.

This is the price –PAS, DAP.PKR stop fooling around with mandorism, it is not going to work. UMNO stop creating more Indian parties, it just will not work. Come clean with equitable policies and you will see the magic..