Friday, February 26, 2010

DAP Councillor: Flats for poor (Indians) sold to senior MBPJ senior officers.

Poor Indians from Selangor in particular Kampong Lindungan, Lembah Subang and Shah Alam have been denied the low cost flats due to them (Refer NST, Star 25/02/2010 at page S2 and M2). The poor Indians of Kg Lindungan (Kg Medan) for instance have been waiting for 16 long years for a low cost flats and are now told to relocate for the third time from two previous longhouses. Thousands of poor Indians in Selangor are homeless. And now the bombshell is dropped that Senior Petaling Jaya City Council Officers have bought the low cost flats meant in particular the poor Indians.

What has the PKR led Selangor government done for the poor and homeless Indians in Selangor in their two years of rulling Selangor. Time is ticking. PKR and PR only has another two years before the next general elections