Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It is not Kugan or whoever it is that killed him that is no trial here. It is the entire system of governance in this country that is on trial!

Kugan died while in police custody. He was arrested on Jan 15th 2009. He died six days later on the 20th of Jan 2009. Constable Navindran is charged with causing grievous hurt to Kugan on the 16th at 7.00am and 4.00pm . Kugan died 4 days later on the 20th of January. ASP Rodney Pasla Haris to whom Navindran reported saw none of the injuries which have been so well documented on the last occasion he saw him alive. We will see such facts unfold in the media and the media will not fail to report these insignificant facts and take attention off a very fundamental failure of the system in our country. The Illusions will continue to pour out from this jug of hubris.

It is not Kugan or whoever it is that killed him that is no trial here. It is the entire system of governance in this country that is on trial. The system of governance in general and the system of justice in our country has deteriorated to an extent that the police have become a law unto themselves. This is what is on trial here. Zimbabwe had a system very close to this that the music from the fiddles were more important than burning Rome. The police have become the prosecutor, the judge, the jury and the executioner – all in one, especially when it comes to the lives of defenceless Indians. The Malay-sian police have no right to take the life of any Malaysian, in particular ethnic minority Malaysian Indians.

Indians have become soft targets in the country. There are so many ways in which the system is killing off Indians. The police killing is just one of the ways. The systematic neglect by the UMNO government of the Indians leaving them in an endemic condition of poverty and all the incumbent ills constitute other surreptitious ways of the killing. The average life span of Indians in the country is lowest among the 3 major ethnic groups and there really is no other reason for this than the systematic neglect by the system.

Such Killing of Indians do not even do not get the attention of the supposed “multi racial” Opposition parties top leadership, their 82 Opposition MPs’ including their 11 Indian members of Parliament. Perhaps because names like Kugan or Muruges do not sound anything like Teoh Beng Hock or Anwar Ibrahim! And so the above and thousands of other atrocities against the Indians goes on unabated and with impunity.

There is only one way out, Indians have to win political power on the strength of their numbers and send to the halls of power those who will truly represent the Indians to change the destiny of Indians in this country. We have had 50 years with UMNO and now 2 years with PR and there is absolutely no difference. They cannot take care of Indian interests. We have to learn to stand on our strengths ourselves. Many say this is not possible. We in HRP believe it is possible and we will show the way to get it done.

We believe in the power of the people. When they become aware their strength is formidable. You will see.