Thursday, September 24, 2009

HINDRAF challenges LGE for a televised lived debate on Kg Buah Pala issue.

HINDRAF believes that the opposition party that it had supported during the GE12 had not lived up to the expectation of the public at least in the Kg Buah Pala Issue.

HINDRAF is not looking for a political solution but a people’s solution to live in harmony without the spin and propaganda that have outlived our community for fear and favor.

LGE has his state machineries, media and the political power at his disposal whereas HINDRAF has only its conscience and truth on its side for the people.

UMNO led government produces a lot of rhetoric, diagnoses, denunciation of injustice and proposals to address it. That has been the nation for the last 52 years as the public continued to suffer and deteriorate even further. HINDRAF took a stand in GE 12 to mobilize its grassroot supporters to support the opposition to seek a change and the change appeared in the five states that the opposition won for a people’s cause.

Now with the Kg Buah Pala issue, there seems too be many mismatches in the the CAT principal that the opposition had spoken about. Rather than taking on the past government that we all know who have been misleading the community, we call upon LGE government to address us in an open forum to revive the democracy between the administration and the people.

Collapse or survival of an administration or a society is on the truth in their action rather than placating for a political survival that means nothing for an ordinary man on the street for his or her survival in an unjust system that had prevailed.

HINDRAF is for the people for what is truthful and just and the failure of the very opposition that we had supported to disregard us in engaging in a dialogue, discussion on their competency, accountability and transparency to safeguard public interest will only reflect another Trojan Horse in the guise of UMNO against public benefit.

The altered landscape that HINDRAF brought against the might of UMNO is not about politics but the public and the well being of the community for what is truthful and just. If the opposition, the so called flag bearer of the community is unable to comprehend this and continues to spin and simulate UMNO’s position, then it is nothing but a change of guard without any actual benefit for the public and community that we live in.

If LGE government is all about CAT, then enlighten us and the the public with us on a televised live debate based on facts, evidence and truth on what really transpired in Kg Buah Pala issue.

As far HINDRAF is concerned, Kg Buah Pala is far from being a closed chapter until and when the actual truth is transmitted to the public. The public shall be the judge, not media, hypothesis that serves a political intention will as oppose to the public need.

Whether LGE has run a spin or not is no the issue, but this would be a excellent opportunity for the public to gauge only if he is ready to face up to it. Running against the obstinate UMNO led government is pretty futile as we know how it is going to against brickwall that bounces itself.

Here HINDRAF, being an NGO offers an opportunity to LGE to show that that the opposition really is set out to address the community issues under the change that the community seeked.

It is a clarion call for LGE, nothing more nothing less for CAT to survive for the communities will as oppose to political will.

Thank you.



International Coordinator (New York)