Thursday, September 24, 2009

False Tamil Newspapers propaganda by PKR Selangor State government and DAP, PAS in other states


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23rd September 2009

YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim

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Pejabat Menteri Besar of Selangor,

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YAB Tan Sri,

Re: 1) 64 Hindu temples “supposedly” granted land titles (Makkal Osai 20/9/09 at page 5)

2) RM400,000.00 “supposedly” granted to Tamil Schools in Selangor (Makkal Osai


3) 23,000 civil servants in Selangor (New Straits Times 22/9/09 at page 19) (But almost

zero Indians especially in the supervisory, managerial and top executive jobs. Zero

Indian Directors in all Selangor state GLCs’, Assistant District officers, District Officers

District and Municipal Council Presidents and Mayors. How then is PKR, DAP and PAS

any different from the UMNO / MIC / BN axis?

We refer to the above matter.

It has been brought to our attention by the people power Makkal Sakthi forces that the newsreport Makkal Osai on 20/9/09 at page 5 that 64 Hindus temples had been granted state government land in Selangor is not true. Kindly let us have the list of all the aforesaid temples and copies of the state government letters confirming the same, copies of their titles thereto and copies of their being gazetted accordingly.

In the very same aforesaid newsreport a sum of RM400,000.00 was “supposedly” granted to Tamil schools in Selangor which the people power Makkal Sakthi forces also inform us is not true. Kindly also let us have a list of all the said Tamil school recipients and the amount they had received and the dates they received the same accordingly.

To avoid the likes of the barbaric cow head protest kindly use your almost absolute discretionary powers vested in the office of the Menteri Besar and acquire further to section 76 of National Land Code and grant land titles to all 97 Tamil Schools, all Hindu temples and all Hindu crematoriums in Selangor as has been done for all Suraus and Masjids in over the last 52 years. With this all the 97 Tamil schools would then qualify as fully aided government schools by the Federal Education Ministry with equal allocation and facilities like any other Malay school. Then we won’t get the case (as reported in the Tamil media last month) of the school roof being blown away but your goodselves “mandore” Exco member making his presence felt and procuring cheap publicity by instead “dishing” out stationary or Tamil schools poor and working class Parent Teacher Associations having to buy tables and chairs for Tamil schools, holding a picket to demand for a school canteen, demanding electricity supply, school field, the whole schools having to share one computer, Tamil schools pupils being forced to study at a JKR store (SRJK (T) Tepi Sungai, Klang) or forced to study in portacabins (Taiping) cow shead like Tamil school buildings falling apart because it is infested by white ants etc.

Kindly direct especially your Exco and the other “mandores” from making false and “kosong” media statements especially so in the Tamil dailies on these Selangor state government land and financial allocations as had been done for the last 50 years by the previous UMNO / BN and MIC axis Selangor state governments. Please take note that the Indians in the post 25th November 2007 era have been enlightened and are now watching your goodselves closely with their eyes wide open.

The Star on 22/9/09 at page 20 also reports as there being 23,000 civil servants in Selangor. To the best of our knowledge there are almost zero Indians especially in the supervisory, managerial and top executive jobs in the Selangor civil service. And there are actually zero Indian Directors in any of the dozen or so state government linked companies, (GLCs’) assistant district officers, district officers and Municipal Council Presidents and Mayors. Kindly also let us have the list of the 23,000 civil servants in Selangor and confirming the total number of Indians therein under the Selangor special select committee for competency, accountability and transparency (Selcat) government.

This is also the same scenario in the PKR, DAP and PAS ruled Kedah, Penang (also earlier Perak) and Kelantan state governments. How then are the PKR, DAP, PAS / P.R state government any different from the previous UMNO / MIC / BN axis?

Kindly revert to us with your reply forthwith and in any event within two (2) weeks form the date hereof.

Thank you.

Your faithfully,



Secretary General (pro-tem).