Friday, September 25, 2009

Najib finds new Indian allies, bypasses the MIC

See full size image by cryingvoices

Dear Mr.Thanenthiran, I have nothing against you or your new party which was registered within weeks.. maybe the fasters in the Malaysia Book of Records!, I would like to just comment on some of the facts, because my hands are itchy now, What did u said about Kg.Buah Pala? I was there and i saw and monitor you from the time you came there, the last minute dramas. Any reasonable person would have NOT done what you, Waythamoorty(perak) and Pitchay did on that day! I really cannot understand what you did and why you signed the most unreasonable agreement on earth! after negotiating with the bailiff!

The document supposed to be signed by all the villagers but non of them signed it, remember? Only you, Waythamoorty(Perak) and Pitchay signed it, as a witness. Why? Because the villagers realised that you are doing it without realising the consequences and risks! You just want to gain a name in the issue and postpone the Demolition and claiming you stopped the demolition for the day! Where were you on the 13th Aug 2009 Demolition attempt? You did not even turn up! You said from the beginning that Najib is dealing with you regarding this matter and you will make sure that you can solve the problem in Buah Pala! But what has happened now? You have signed an unreasonable document stated that the villagers agreed to give way and to cooperate with the Developer to demolish the Village on the 1st Sept 2009, you and your allies are the culprit that signed the letter! when the villager realised something is wrong in the letter signed by you! Non of the Villager signed the letter except you and your team! without even thinking about the future of the village and the villagers! So, please do not mention anything about Kg.Buah Pala in your speech and statements! You created more damages to the Villagers than saving them! Don't use them as a bait! They are the victims of all the Political Vultures in Malaysia, Including you!