Sunday, May 29, 2011

“Semua 8 A + dapat JPA scholarship” 54 years old UMNO and PM Najib Razak lie. Only U.N led Equal Opportunities Commission will ensure fairness. (See Berita Harian Headlines 28/5/2011)

MOTO NAJIB1Year in and year out, it is the same old story. The UMNO and the Prime Minister Najib Razak makes the kosong media propaganda that all students scoring 8 A+ and above for SPM will be granted full JPA scholarship locally and overseas.

But when top most Indian science students scoring even 12 A+ e.g Kugnethran a/l Parmusuan, he is offered a mere animal rearing Diploma course at UPM. The racist UMNO P.M will say “Oh, the policy was good, it was the implementation that was bad”. This is what we have been hearing from UMNO for the last 54 years since Independence.

Thus, far in our list that we have compiled we have the following top and high achieving students denied PSD scholarships and in the course of their first choice by not less than the racist and religious supremacist UMNO Prime Minister Najib Razak as follows :

1) Kugnethran a/l Parmusuan (12A+)
2) Asunta top Student ( 8A+ 2A- 1A 1B)
3) Inthran s/o Manickam (10A “3A+ 2A 5A”)
4) Shamala d/o Sundar (8A and 2 B+)
5) Rubanesh s/o Ramachandran (9 A and 1 B+)
6) Sasiskalaregal s/o Selvaraja ( 9A 1B+)
7) Asogan (7A)
8) Rukaslini (4A, 1A-, 3 B+, 1C+, 1B)
9) Kavita a/p Sriraman (6A 4B)
10) Rubanesh Ramachandran (9A 1B+)
11) Heamanthaa Padmandan (10 A+ 1A)

The implementation of the UMNO racist policies have always excluded and segregated the top and high achieving Indian students save and except for the 0.1 % to 1% top Indian students showpieces who are flaunted to the brim to create the impression that the UMNO and via their MIC and SMC Indian mandores are in fact giving all top and high achieving Indian students and are getting their rightful PSD and other scholarships.

Mr Prime Minister Najib Razak, this kosong wayang kulit does not sell anymore especially after the 25th November 2007 Hindraf rally Indian poor awakening. UMNO has to stop this degrading level of racism and religious supremacy done with impunity. We no longer trust you or the UMNO PSD, government machinery or your newspaper headlines and by lines or your T.V and Radio propaganda. Only a truly independent Equal Opportunities Commission to also be encompassing of at least 51% United Nation Commissioners is the only way forward against UMNO racism.

Then and only then will we see some semblance of fairness, equality and equal opportunities. The racist UMNO is not going to give it on a silver platter to the Indian poor. We have to fight for it using people power a la 25th November 2007 Hindraf Rally.

P. Uthayakumar
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