Friday, May 27, 2011

PSD Scholarships: PM Najib’s another wayang kulit at meeting tomorrow as racist UMNO did for 54 years in segregating top Indian poor students.

A0EAFEJCAJ5SJWSCAMZCPSECAQ6Y24SCAVSVARKCA7JV479CASH6UJ4CA2Q3NCMCA56WZJ0CA2RKVKVCATNMIFYCATW3ZTXCAQYPL2JCAO4C0EPCAH6BPVNCAB0OEK9CAW0RNBDCAYFFHVCCABD4339CAJFZY49At tomorrow’s meeting with the PSD, the racist UMNO Prime Minister will announce a blanket but kosong propaganda in the print and electronic media that in his 1Malaysia all students must be given the opportunity to peruse higher education but giving rural (read Malay muslim) students a handicap.
Thereafter behind the scenes Najib will direct the racist BTN trained PSD to go full steam in segregating and excluding top and high achieving Indian poor students from perusing higher education.
PM Najib Razak has refused to reply to HRP’s letter dated 24/5/2011 where we pointed out the case of Kugnethran Parmusuan,  a Science stream student who produced the best of the best 12A+ in SPM but denied a scholarships to persue medicine overseas but insulted by giving him an animal husbandry diploma course to do at UPM. Imagine the devastation of this student whose ambition is to be a cardiologist.
And after giving them peanuts Najib gets his SMC MIC mandores Dato Thambirajah to do the kosong Tamil media dailies on this top student giving the false impression that all is well for all top Indian students in the country .
But Malay muslim students getting 4A+ and 5A+ were offered places to do pure science in the USA on a full One Malay-sian government scholarships. This level of state sponsored racism and segregationist policies does not take place in any part of the world except in One Malay-sian racist UMNO Prime Minister’s One Malay-sia.
This is just the tip of the iceberg of the disgraceful level of racism inflicted on the Indian poor in every facet of life from womb (denial of birth certificates) to tomb (destruction of Hindu cemeteries).
The only way forward is the passing of the Anti Racial Discrimination Act and the Equal Opportunities Act and an Independent Commission  consisting of 51% of UN appointed Commissioners.
Even radical Indonesia has moved forward against racist by the passing of the Anti Racism Act in 2008.
But in One Malay-sia, racism is the order of the day and done with impunity .
(see NST 26/5/2011 at page 2)
Karunai Nithi @ Compaasionate Justice