Saturday, April 9, 2011

Second Autospy rightly as of right for Malay muslim victim Ahmad Sarbani. But denied and misery for hundreds of such Indian victims under racist bully UMNO regime.

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With no hue and cry the Federal Police HQ Deputy CID Director Dato Acyrl Sani under UMNO PM Najib Razak’s orders  as of right a second Post Mortem. For the racist UMNO bully this order is just because the victim is a Malay muslim.
We recall the tip of the iceberg case in 2004 when Francis Udayappan was brutally killed at the Brickfields police station and NewScan2011032415375400001_thumb[1]his body was thrown  into the Klang River.
His body was kept at the University Hospital mortuary for almost 2 years. When released only bits and pieces of his skull a piece of rotten and smelly flesh and bones were handed over (see photos below). In the mean time in this two years imagine the misery of Francis mother Sara lily every day and every night. But when it is a Malay muslim victim as in the instant case rightly the misery ended within the second day with the second post mortem being amicably conducted.
Tens of (now) Hindraf and HRP activists were arrested in public campaigns, scores of police reports lodged. But zero action on police murder despite 7 years now. Even the 98% Malay muslim UMNO racist and bully, High Court and Court of Appeal dismissed Francis’ civil suit without evenPicture1 hearing the Police murder’s defence.
One rule for Malay muslims and the economically powerful Chinese and another rule for the Indian poor.second 1
(see The Star 8/4/2011 at page N 3)
Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice.