Sunday, February 20, 2011

Latest News Flash: More than 40 policemen surround Farlin Hall! Police to arrest HINDRAF/HRP at Penang Forum at 2pm on OCPD’s orders.

In Penang at the Dewan Serbaguna Farlin where our forum is scheduled at 2pm, the police started their frolic. The police came this morning under a mandore Isp.Ravindra and stuck notices around the building that the police permit has been denied for the forum and anyone who attends it action will be taken on them. This is on a unsigned piace of A4 paper and not on police letterhead.
This is totally in violation in the guarantees provided under Article 10 – Freedom of Assembly. Why are they disallowing this small gathering when there was a large gathering in Kedah of 30,000 people? Is this because Indians are soft target that the UMNO led government continue to bully us?
Let it be known that we will continue with the forum because its within our Constitutional Rights. Any further action the police take will be absolutely violation of our rights. 12 noon Farlin.