Sunday, February 20, 2011

Crackdown on Hindraf anti racist campaign- Photos: Lunas Forum and Arrest

Second round of arrest made at penang forum 30 minutes ago and we are yet to receive photos and videos

Today at 10:40 in Kulim Kedah, 8 key members of HRP/HINDRAF were arrested by the police while the HRP event was going on. Following are the list the of member which was arrested.
Mr. Sambulingam , HINDRAF National Coordinator and HRP President,  Age 48
Mr. C.F. Mani  – Deputy Chief, Selangor, Age 35
Mr Ramu – Kedah State Coordinator, Age 43
Mr Muniandy , Kedah Deputy State Coordinator, Age 37
Mr Jaya , Activist, Age 25
Mr Maniam, Activist, Age 57
Mr T Raja , Activist, Age 52
P.Ramesh- Perak Chief
OCP Kulim, Mr Kuslan leading the police to ARREST clip_image0017 of them and immediately  taken to IPD Kulim. The key members did not resist the arrest and was taken into the police car immediately. The crowd was very upset over the incident and were forcefully dispersed by around 150 police personnel including the RIOT POLICE. Our spokesman on the ground confirmed that the racist UMNO Polis Raja Di Malaysia used force, however our supporters stayed calm and dispersed according to the instructions. The event was interrupted 30 minutes after it began. The event was attended over 200 supporters and the general public who wanted to know the real issues of “INTERLOK”.
The event was organized by the Kedah State HRP office, it was a Forum against INTERLOK. The Organizers HAD applied for the permit but it was REJECTED. THIS REJECTION WAS CLEAR VIOLATION OF THE MALAYSIAN CONSTITUTION – “RIGHTS TO ASSEMBLY”
The event was organized in “Taman Sawi “ also know as “Kartu Raja” in Paya Besar , Lunas.
At present we do not have other details and will update this post at periodical intervals of  30 minutes
S. Jayathas


HINDRAF ( National Information Coordinater)
Human Rights Party (HRP) National Information Chief
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