Thursday, January 20, 2011

Live reports- UMNO’s police attack Indians in Batu Caves today at the Thaipusam festival now. This is a blatant replay of the 25th of Nov at the Batu Caves temple.

7 activists and several members of the public have been arrested by the UMNO police.Our activists who have been arrested that we are able at this time to name are – Jayathas, Selvam Mani, Mohan , Samy . They with uthayakumar led the people in Batu Caves to block the sinner of a PM Najib from entering the compound of the Batu Caves temple. They succeeded in blocking Najib and his coteries . Najib left the complex without entering . This is happening right now as I write this and it all began about 10.30 am. The support from the public is tremendous. The temple entrance is swarming with FRUs and FRU trucks with water cannons are parked at the entrance. All of this is a stark reminder of the 25th of Novrember.

The arrests started after Najib and his coteries left the premises on being blocked by the public led by Hindraf. The devotees are blocking the police from accessing Uthaya to arrest him. Uthaya is now delivering a press conference as I write this.

There are helicopters montioring the situation and they are trying to figure out what is happening inside the temple and they are flying extremely low and the sounds of the helicopters could be heard clearlyeven through the telephone that I am getting this info on. Even little children were pushed down by the FRUS as the crowd gathered to block Najib.

More as we go.