Tuesday, January 19, 2010

UMNO: Basic life necessities denied to Indian poor. In Sentul and nationwide.

UMNO: Basic life necessities denied to Indian poor. In Sentul and nationwide.

When the UMNO Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin visited Sentul on 16/1/2010 it is most shameful that even after 52 years of Independence from colonialism the Indians there have to beg for even the very basic life necessities from the neo colonialist UMNO as following:-

1) A room to conduct the final rites for deceased in especially low cost flats. (Note : In almost all of the low cost flats inhabited by the Indians nationwide a hall to conduct even their final rights have been denied to the poor Indians).

2) The Sentul crematorium be made into a modern one.

3) St. Joseph and Thambosamy Pillai Tamil Schools are to be made fully government aided Tamil schools.

4) Permanent land for hindu temples built before 2000.

5) That Kampong Tanah Lapang, the last traditional Indian village in Sentul and in fact in Kuala Lumpur be retained as the last Indian traditional village. This village was inhabitated by the Indian minority Railway workers who then dominated in the Malayan Railways and built the Railway network in Malaysia. This is the reward they get after 52 years.

(Note : There are scores of Malay and Chinese villages in Sentul and K.L but have been left alone and never demolished and their problems attended to because they both have the political power and the economic clout )

6) It is a shame that despite 52 years of independence from the British colonial masters and UMNO being able to built the world’s tallest Twin Towers which happens to be within sight of Sentul, the Indians in Sentul however have to suffer from even these very basic and elementary necessities of life.

And neither does the supposed multi-racial PKR, DAP and PAS top leaders and their 82 Opposition MPs’ bother to raise these critical Indian issues or seriously champion them especially when the victims’ misery, pain and sufferings are“merely felt by the Indians/Hindus”.

P. Uthayakumar