Tuesday, January 19, 2010

PKR Selangor chasing Indian squatters away. (Sinar 5/1/10 page S5)

Many families will lose their jobs, cannot afford the increased cost of living in the proposed temporary relocation away at Lembah Subang and the other inconveniences.

They have been “temporarily” relocated into these longhouses for a good 20 years or so. And why do they now have to move to yet another temporary flats. Why can’t the PKR Selangor state government which has a moral duty to properly house it’s poor, landless and homeless give these Indian poor a permanent solution as opposed to trying to push through another UMNO style temporary solution and never ending story.

The state government can pay their rentals for these Indians to stay in and around their present area vide an agreement until their flats are built. Why chase them away and offer temporary solutions which either is to drag on for may be another 20 years if not being denied the flats at all like what UMNO had been doing for the previous 50 years.

How is PKR, DAP and PAS any different from UMNO vis a vis the Indians?