Friday, November 12, 2010

Anwar you must apologise.

Anwar sends his henchman to insult the HINDRAF/HRP protesstors and then sends his other henchman Tian Chua to organize an apology.
Anwar thinks he can play around with the minority Indians in the country as UMNO has been doing. He must take complete responsibility for the insult committed against us who gathered in front of his house on Tuesday the 9th of Novemeber 2010.. Firstly we were protesting there because a temple devotee in Pusat Bandar Puchong M Chakragunasegaran, 52,  doused himself with petrol and lit himself up over fears that part of his temple would be demolished by the local authorities. As of the writing of this piece he is in critical condition in the KL General Hospital.

This incident happened because temples like this all over the country do not sit on their own land because of the politics of this land. HINDRAF has been highlighting this from way back in 2005. The political Tsunami occurred in large part due to incidents like this. Came Anwar with all his shouts of “makkal sakthi” and pomises both explicit and implicit that he would take care of the minority Indians in the country like UMNO did not. He got the Indian votes, won 5 states and then he turns around and gives the Indians who voted in large numbers for him the shaft.
He is responsible for this self immolation act in more than one way. One is that he is reneging on all his promises to the Indian poor. Two this is happening in a PKR ruled state and the authorities that came to demolish were from the state. So, we gathered in front of his house to call Anwar to account .

Our Keadilan ( Justice ) guru and leader of the new democracy in Malaysia, what does he do – he sends his lowest level security person, if you can call him even that, someone called Din, to shoo us off, the protestors. That is all we are now worth for him. That is how this exalted democrat deals with protests.

He does not think it worthwhile for Wan Azizah or someone else in his Party in the house at that moment, if he is not in, to come meet us and receive our memorandum in the spirit of democracy. That will be the act of a true democrat. But that will not certainly be an act of a rat. That is what he has become – a rat ( more of that later). This chap Din, not only does he obstruct us, he also acts aggressively and finally he crumples and throws away the memo we had brought for Anwar. All this is no record in video at this

Then a day later after the uproar that this incident caused within the Indian community his other henchman Tian Chua gets this guy Din and comes online and delivers a sham apology. Sham because it is obvious Tian Chua is lying and sham because this guy Din says  “kalau say silap saya minta maaf, tapi saya rasa saya pun tak ….kalau saya betul betul aggreif lain cerita..” see it in this video

Tian Chua says and let me quote him from the video ” Saya juga dimaklumkan oleh Anwar Ibrahim dan keluarganya, sebenarnya mereka tidak tahu diluar ada orang demonstrasi.” You expect us to believe this piece of bullshit. Come on Anwar, come on Tian Chua, stop this bloody nonsense.

See the first video and look at the elaborate security that Anwar has in the front of his house. When a serious incident like this is happening in the front of the house, you expect us to believe that they don’t know anything about this inside. What were they doing – were they at the fiddle like Nero? You think the Indians in this country are  idiots and you can dish out any nonsense. This is exactly the kind of game a rat plays. Anwar you are increasingly becoming a rat – you are nowhere to be seen now. where is your statesmanship. Where is any moral turpitude? Where is there any integrity left in you? What about an apology or an explanation from you. What about a sound from you. What about from Azizah or is too lowly for you and your queen to deal with this rabble.

Nothing  – not a word.

We bury for you, any hopes you may have of going to Putrajaya with this.
Just watch.