Friday, November 12, 2010


Watch this video. I am boiling mad, mad as hell!!! When I see the video.

This is about Anwar Ibrahim and they way he heaps indignity on all of us Indians.

This is the way this fellow who wants to be the future Prime Minister for a new Malaysia treats the minority Indians. After all, the Hindraf/HRP group that were outside his house were there for no other reason than to hand over a protest memorandum for the self immolation of an Indian over the demolition of a temple property in the PKR run State of Selangor . And he is the Defacto leader of PKR and therefore is accountable for such acts in the state. And what does this great leader do – he sends out his coolie to insult the waiting protestors, nay not just the waiting protestors but to insult all the Indians in this country, all the Indians in the country..


I am filled with so much anger at seeing this. We had suffered so much indignity already at the hands of the UMNO regime, now we are increasingly seeing the same kind of nonsense from the so called opposition parties and from Anwar Ibrahim. They are absolutely no better.He thinks because we are a weak minority he can go on demeaning us like this, with impunity. He thinks he can get away with any thing and there will be no retribution.

We have to cut our losses. We definitely need a new approach to pushing UMNO out as this Anwar and his PKR and PR are such a bloody letdown. We do not want UMNO anymore in Putrajaya. we cannot have these PR clowns there too. We definitely need an alternative approach. Every day that passes, he reduces the chance for a change in this country. He is the master pied piper. He just leads down to doom.

You decide for yourself whether these kinds of treacherous fellows need to be supported any more. For, me I am tired of his selfish and devious leadership style . He just has to go. I have no more room for him in my mind.

He has no honor left . He not only does not deliver on his election promises which anyway is not any where near as serious, as what he has just done here with the insult he has heaped on us all. He has trampled on the dignity of all Indians in the country with his act of sending his coolie out to tear up the representation to him.

If you have any modicum of self respect left as an Indian – you must immediately withdraw all and any support for him and his politics totally and unreservedly. Any new body politic that does not understand minority sensitivities needs to be summarily thrown out.

Only decency prevents me from returning his insults with profanity here in my writing.

I am mad as hell!!!!!!