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Stateless poor Indians’ IC & BC applications: UMNO NRD HQ @ Putrajaya uncooperative, gives HRP run around, rude, threw files, chased out and threatened to call in police (Police S.B. recording HRP).


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In Reply : MISC/09/2010

Date : 6th October 2010

(Press Release-06/10/2010)

Re: HRP’s 3rd batch of IC, BC & Citizenship denial for 14 Indians after meeting the Director of Birth, Deaths and Adoptions, NRD on 21/09/2010.

This morning the Human Rights Party (HRP) has submitted 14 cases in it’s third batch from an estimated 450, 000 Malaysian Indian poor being made stateless by being denied their lawful Birth Certificates (B.C), Identity Cards (IC) Citizenships, and their rightful names and religious status denied. And the improper and unlawful race and religious based implementation of the Federal Constitution and the Birth, Death and Adoptions Act 1975 in Malaysia.

There was a hiccup the first thing this morning (6/10/2010 @ 10.00 a.m) when the usual meeting room was denied and all 14 applicants were pushed back to the ground floor counter and the National Registration Department’s (NRD)headquarters at Putrajaya Public Relations Officer Puan Jainisah refusing to take HRP’s S. Thiagarajan’s calls or reply to his SMS (Full details are as per our news flash as at 10.00 a.m today (6/10/2010) and are enclosed herewith.

The 16 cases submitted by HRP to the NRD this morning is as follows:-

1. Salvaraju a/l Batumalai (42) – Only has Singapore BC, wants to apply for Citizenship as both his parents are Malaysian citizens.

2. Simon Anthony (21) – No IC and BC- They have applied since 2006 but application rejected without justification by JPN.

3. Indra a/p Navasu (43) – RED IC. Already applied for citizenship more than 6 times but no reply. This is effecting her child as given below in Item No 4.

4. Juvanna a/p Selvaraj (13) (Indra a/p Navasu’s daughter) She is denied her father’s name in her BC and IC as her father has left her mother.

5. Panjavarnam a/p Kannan (23) – Malaysian born but no IC because her parents are born in India but carrying RED IC (permanent resident). Panjavarnam’s BC needs amendment as on the BC it has stated Panjavarnam as “BUKAN WARGANEGARA”. According to the Federal Constitution when at least one parent has a PR, the child should get the BC and IC and a Malaysian citizenship but JPN refuses to implement the same.

6. Panjavarnam’s daughter Rajini a/p Saravanamuthu (2) is seeking amendments to her BC as the JPN (Port Klang) describing her daughter as an illegitimate child (anak luar nikah) by applying Article 13(indicated at bottom of BC)

7. Anusha a/p Ganesan (28) has been seriously affected by the wrongful and illegal insertion of Islam as her religion and her name as Anizah a/p Ganesan in the birth certificate and IC. Her two daughters Nivetha a/p Thamayanthiran (7) and Swetha a/p Thamayanthiran (6) has been classified as an illegitimate child (Anak luar nikah) citing “Article 13”in their birth certificate. This was despite Mr.Thamayanthiran who is the biological father of the two children being present when the application was submitted. The issue is specifically caused by the event of her alleged conversion to Islam which she denies. In particular the Federal Constitution and the Births, Deaths and Adoption Act 1975 does not stipulate religion as a requirement for the registration of Births Certificates, Identity Cards and Citizenship.

8. Sundrammal a/p Subramaniam (58) – No BC and IC. Her BC was revoked by JPN vide Reference No: E 356454

9. Deva a/l Ramu (14) – No BC and IC. His father left him as a baby at an orphanage and never come back. His guardian is unable to get the BC and IC. And now the JPN insists that both Deva’s parents be present. This is ridiculous. The JPN officer refused to use Article 13 in providing the BC and IC by stating the name of the Guardian as the step father.

10. Shree Shashnitha a/p Paramasivan (3) She has been denied her BC – She was born at home and the witness is her grandmother. However the JPN has failed to provide concrete reasons for rejecting the application.

11. Malaysian citizen mother Anjali Devi a/p Letchumanan (23) give birth to three children who have been denied even their Birth Certificates because her husband is an Indian National. Her children are:-

12. Sateshwary a/p Karupusamy (6)

13. Durgeshwary a/p Karupusamy (5)

14. Pandeswaran a/l Karupusamy (4)

All these cases are cases of wrongful and unlawful denial of Malaysian statehood and birth registrations by denial of their rightful and lawful BC, IC and citizenship which is in violation of the Guarantees in the Federal Constitution and the Births, Deaths and Adoption Act 1975. This has led to their lifelong misery.

The N.R.D officers were today not too co-operative as HRP has been making adverse website postings in on the NRD handling of cases submitted through HRP. We had to even bring in our own photocopier to do the photo copying for these fourteen applicants. We were also not allowed to receive faxes on important documents at the NRD HQ at Putrajaya and had to send the same urgently by taxi.

The ten (10) member HRP team in attendance today at the NRD Headquarters at Putrajaya is led by S. Thiagarajan and the others being Selvam, Latha, Nava, Mano, Manimaran, Shanthi, Param, Ravi and Kumaran.

Our case is as per our letter to the Director General of the National Registration Department dated 13 August 2010. (copy enclosed herewith)

Thank you.

Your faithfully,

S. Thiagarajan

Central Executive Committee Member (pro tem)

019-308 5944 / 016-313 7840

For those in the Central region and Southern Region please contact the HRP HQ office Tel: 03-2282 5241 Fax: 03-2282 5245. Contact Persons: Ms.Gevitha or, S. Thiagarajan 019-3085944, and for those in the northern region you may also contact the following people. Kalaiselvan 017-410 7244, Devendran 012- 540 9943, Ganesan 012- 480 3284.