Thursday, October 7, 2010

News Flash: Racist NRD Putrajaya has started making it difficult for 28 stateless Indian poor.

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Date : 06/10/2010

News Flash: Racist NRD Putrajaya has started making it difficult for 28 stateless Indian poor.

This morning as early as 8.30 a..m, a ten member HRP team led by S. Thiagarajan were present at the National Registration Department (NRD) Headquarters in Putrajaya.

The NRD has started getting difficult if not started implementing their and UMNO racist and religious supremacist policies.

To start off with they were denied the meeting room that they were given access to the last week and the weeks before or any other meeting rooms at the grand and place like majestic NRD Headquarters in Putrajaya to facilitate the processing of the 28 cases of the Indian poor being denied their Identity Cards, Birth Certificates and Citizenship.

This is strange when the NRD can even have a mobile unit going to even the most remote orang asli, Iban and Kadazan villages registering stateless people.

Puan Junaidad (PRO) is not taking S. Thiagarajan’s calls or replying to his SMS.

The NRD are starting to show their colours with their red tape. They have pushed the HRP team back to the basic counter that these poor Indians went to up to fifty-three (53) years ago but to no avail and have now come to HRP.

P. Uthayakumar had immediately called Puan Janisiah, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) assigned to attend to us by the Director General of the NRD Dato’ Alwi Bin Hj. Ibrahim at 10.00 a.m. This PRO had agreed to attend to our 28 cases but insisted that we see one En. Nik at Customer Service counter at the main counter downstairs.

S. Thiagarajan is waiting at Putrajaya NRD HQ together with Selvam, Latha, Nava, Mano, Manimaran, Shanthi, Param, Ravi.

When the NRD can do this to even Hindraf and HRP, we can imagine the misery these 28 poor Indians would have gone through in all these 53 years.

S. Jayathas
Information Chief