Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In UMNO’s 1Malaysia, it is not “SENSITIVE” to insult Hinduism. Did UMNO Johor demonstrate when the rascal in this video insulted Hinduism??

In UMNO’s 1Malaysia it is not “sensitive” to insult Hinduism. But it is “sensitive” to request the Monarch for equanimity on the two limbs of Article 153 of the Federal Constitution. Did UMNO Johor demonstrate when the rascal in these videos insulted Hinduism. Worse , this event happened with State sanction.
The word “sensitive” in 1Malaysia has lost its meaning. I guess “sensitive” in 1Malaysia means that you do not speak up against the big burly guys because they have the force of might behind them – plain and simple. It is not what you do that defines “sensitivity”, it is who you speak up against, that defines “sensitivity”.
That interpretation of what is “sensitive”  and that often reminder of that thing that is “sensitive” is nothing but bullying behaviour of the big burly  supremacists. The supremacists completely turn a blind eye to that which is really "’sensitive”, not out of ignorance, but out of impunity.
Watch the 2 videos and you decide if what this rascal is saying is sensitive and if the reactions to it (which is zero from the authorities, anyway) is out of ignorance or out of impunity . Video 1 shows the setting of the ceramah. Video 2 shows the rascal spewing bigoted inanities about Hinduism and Hindus.