Wednesday, September 15, 2010


By Muralitharan Ramachandran -

First and foremost let us pray for Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and her three friends for their souls to attain eternal peace. It is indeed sad this incident took place during the holy month for the muslims. The whole nation regardless of ethnics is grieved by these gruesome murders. While police are conducting investigations, certain quarters of them are using these gruesome murders to generate racial tension among Malaysians.

It is indeed poignant to see media like Utusan Malaysia (14/09/10) which carried headline news which linked one of those detained who is a lawyer by profession as giving legal aid to Hindraf. This statement is rather seditious and could affect racial harmony and disunity among Indians and Malays in this country. The question here is, the police are not even over and done with their investigations, so how did Utusan Malaysia get a hold of this information? Main stream media like Utusan Malaysia should play an important role on emphasizing racial harmony and unity among Malaysians. They should pursue stringent journalism ethics by not publishing seditious and fictional statements such as above.

As for the main stream Media Utusan Malaysia, they are not first timers in these kind of issue. Numerous police reports were lodged against them but were fruitless. Another question here, are the relevant authorities blind or blind folded for certain reason? There are also other blogs on the internet which is aggravating racial disunity using this grisly occurrence. Their motives are clear and it is obvious that these irresponsible people are all out to construct racial pressure among Malaysians. It’s time the relevant establishment steps in and put an end to this state of affairs. These Internet blogs and main stream media should be given ruthless punishment.

Malaysians out there please think outside the box and don’t craft anymore racial disharmonies as lot of damages have been done by immature selfless people and organizations in the name of race and religion which has turned the nation into disarray. Let us give moral support to the families of the deceased and let justice triumph