Wednesday, September 15, 2010


By Muralitharan Ramachandran

KUALA LUMPUR: Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar began his first day in office yesterday with a series of meetings with senior officers. (NST 14/09/10).

Looks like the new top cop in our nation has officially started his duties promising to combat crimes...bla, bla, bla.....just like the other top cops who spoke on their first day of their duty but what about Tan Sri Ismail Omar? Will he be sincere towards his duties...?? To safe guard the nation's law and order, to fight corruption within the forces, to combat abuse of power by his officers and the most talked about lately, the interference of third parties concerning police duties?

 I am sure Tan Sri Ismail has plans and answers for all these questions above. Every Malaysians like me will be wondering what is he going to do about this. And, during media interviews pertaining on going crisis, is he going to answer the same way as the former, The Great Tan Sri  Musa Hassan answers....:"Do Not Speculate, Let Us Investigate" and after someone is shot dead by the police, the same stereotype answers from him " My Men were Following Them, Upon Knowing It, They (the suspected criminals) Fired A Few Shots Forcing My Men To Open Fire At Them."

As for me, I wonder what are his actions going to be on the allegations by his former boss on "Interference Of Third Parties". Is he going to dig up old files and start investigations or wait for the former to lodge an official complain about this? Whatever his actions going to be it should clear the  doubts of all Malaysians who will be magnifying his actions from now.

Now, Lets look at the image of our Polis Diraja Malaysia. It doesn't really portray an image of what it should be. There was a spree of  deaths in custody and unwanted shootings lately. How is he going to change it?  Is he going to hold a Royal Commission or at least an internal enquiry on all those police personnel involved?
There are a lot of issues to be looked into by the new Top Cop.

So, Malaysians of all ethnics, let us wait patiently for our answers. And then again, "Do Not Speculate, Lets wait And See".