Monday, September 27, 2010


Today was the happiest moment of some stateless people as clearly seen in the photograph above and these people have every reason to be so. Their applications for a birth certificate which was supposedly issued to them when they were born in this soil were systematically denied by the authorities but however with the interference and guidance of HRP Penang they were successful in submitting their application to the JPN at Bandar Baru Perda on this day.

However this did not come in a golden plate. HRP Penang has been mobilizing their team members on the run to get all the relevant documents including photos and ferrying 19 all the witnesses as far from Sungai Bakap and Kulim to JPN Bandar Baru Perda Prai.

There were incident where HRP Penang team has to mobilize their team member to accompany the applicant to other state far as Ipoh to get the search form (Keputusan carian) to be accompanied for the submission.

All this did not end here. The JPN officers went further demanding other documents such as “Surat Akuan” from the school/ penghulu or Adun to fulfill some criteria which reasons know to them or purely red tapes and these came as a surprise as these were not made known to us earlier. Anyway this does not hinder the applicant or the HRP team from submitting the application forms. Once again HRP Penang team went on actions and manages to get these forms certified and verified by Penhulu’s and Adun’s for the submission. As these takes some time the JPN officials informed that they will close their counters at 1.00 pm but with the timely interference of HRP 20 Penang adviser who is also the National adviser Mr.Ganesan who put forward some logical reasoning the JPN officer finally agreed to extend the hours till all forms are submitted. Not to forget the registrations begin at 10.00am sharp.

To smoothen the submissions a commissioner for Oath for swearing documents was arranged by HRP team. The commissioner was kept busy all day long. He commended HRP Penang team on the effort put forward not only on documentation but also on mobilizing in bringing in the applicants witnesses and all relevant paper work.

21 A total of about 70 applications were officially submitted and duly acknowledge by the JPN authority and HRP are expecting that the government without any further delay approve their submission and grant them the birth certificate immediately which is rightfully belongs to them as per constitution. At the same time HRP Penang Team thank the JPN Bandar Baru Perda Prai for their co-operation in opening their office today which is a Sunday. The entire exercise ended at around 4.30 pm.
Human Rights Party
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