Monday, September 27, 2010

The Fate Of The Subjugated Indian Community

By Muralitharan Ramachandran -
While the whole nation is still chanting about the Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s sudden diversion on his concept of 1 Malaysia, his Deputy who is also the Education Minister started another chaos by his act of refusal on action against two principals who infuriated the non Malays in Malaysia with their racial remarks. This adds another insult to injury to the non Malays by the racist UMNO government.

Despite of uproars and revelation thrown to them, UMNO government still appears to be arrogant about their measures. Their action is making people from all walks of life including the Malays looking for alternatives to maneuver the Malaysian administration. It shows Malaysians are geared up for changes.

Now, Pakatan Rakyat seems to be using this opening to accomplish its vision to capture Putrajaya. There is this question in my mind, what are their (Pakatan Rakyat) plans for the marginalized Indian community where their basic fundamental rights have been concealed by the ruling party for the past 53 years?

I did pose this question to a few politicians from PR at various casual gatherings and surprisingly everyone gave me the same stereotype answers… “Let us capture federal and then only the Indian’s fate will change”. This answer really made me wonder if PR or their politicians are able to battle for the marginalized Indian community. To get my question answered, I decided to follow an assortment of internet blogs from the opposition party as well as the politicians from the respective parties (which most of them have) and what I got from there is only their daily activities. Not even a single preparation has been outlined to uplift the living standard of the poor under classed Indians. It shows they do not have anything in mind for the Indians. To this, another question strikes my mind….are they genuine or are they equal to BN and their reps?

Indians are far beyond the Malays and the Chinese community in various aspects. BN had failed to identify the problems of Indians for more than half a century and so, the mandate was given to PR hoping for some changes by this oppressed society. But unfortunately PR has let the Indians down by not addressing any of their critical issues.

Unemployment among Indian youth is rising and alarming. Top academic achievers from this marginalized society are also denied scholarship as well as places in higher learning institutions in Malaysia. A large number of Indians are still without proper identification documents due to various reasons and the list goes on. There seem to be no initiative taken by the PR to tackle these problems. Not even a single proposition was presented in the Parliament on those subjects above by PR. The tremendous support given by Indians during the 12th general election is basically been disregarded by PR.

Unlike Human Rights Party (HRP), a political wing of Hindraf, their plan and mission for the underclass Indians is indeed fascinating. Although this movement is not given extensive coverage by media and online news portal, their daily updated website publishes their activities and the problems faced by the marginalized Indian community with shocking facts and figures. These statistics could not be obtained from anywhere and it comes from serious ground work and research conducted by their team of dedicated members.

Many people conclude that HRP cannot accomplish their mission without a political platform and some even accused HRP of aggregating the facts and figures given by them. But then again, none could come forward and prove that the facts and figures given are wrong including the relevant government authorities.

On those speculation and conclusion on HRP’s accomplishment and mission, it is indeed proven erroneous with HRP’s recent victory on its achievement to uphold the constitutional right for freedom of religion, in bringing relief to 10 Malaysian Indians who were caught in conversion turmoil for years. This victory came after extreme pressures given to appropriate authorities by dedicated activists from HRP/Hindraf Makkal Sakthi. These extreme pressures were also proven to be fruitful with another of their recent breakthrough where a number of Indian families were issued identification documents after years of run around given by government agencies and other political parties.

HRP was the sole organization who questioned the UMNO/BN government on denial of government scholarships and places in the higher learning institutions to the high achievers from the Indian community. No political parties even MIC who supposesedly to be the voice for the Indians in the ruling party failed to address this matter which happens to be basic fundamental rights for the past 53 years. This portrays the failure of MIC who is more interested with their domestic issues.

These are merely some examples of HRP’s efforts taken to work out on the community’s dilemma. The facts speaks for itself, it is indeed obvious that, let it be BN or PR administrates Putrajaya, it is not going to make any difference to the marginalized Indian community. A ‘third force’ such as HRP is a good start and a significant to end this subjugated community’s long concealed problems.

Will HRP make it to the assembly after the 13th GE?

Without any interference and sabotage by BN/UMNO government and with HRP’s political empowerment strategies, they are definitely going to roar in the Parliament after the 13th GE.