Sunday, May 23, 2010

Zero Indians in government food courts. Indian Roadside stalls immediately demolished (See UM 4/5/2010 at page 26).

610x A poor Indian without much education who is prepared to work hard and earn a decent living is not allowed to open up a roadside stall unlike the malay muslim as per the photo here.
Their stalls would be confiscated or demolished within days if not weeks.
But the Malays are given a leeway even for ten years or even twenty years like in Kg. Kerinchi until they are relocated to some food court or other or make enough money to open up their own food shops.
And these poor Indians are denied by UMNO almost 100% of the stalls in government build lower rental food courts. Why? And PKR, DAP and PAS will never question this racism but would instead allege HRP & Hindraf to be racist for pointing out this grave racism.

Zero Indians 1 Zero Indians 2
Zero Indians 3