Sunday, May 23, 2010

Indian top SPM student denied Matriculation University and JPN Government Scholarship: UMNO Malay-sia Truly Racist.

(2) HRP/HINDRAF Seri Andalas Highlights the plead of a smart 10 A’s Indian student ,
Sugentha Subramaniam, age18, student from MRSM Terendak, Melaka whom was denied
place for Matriculation. She is the only Indian top student among the 7 other
students whom scored straight 10 A’s at MRSM Terendak. She has good track records on
her academy , co curriculum and other school activities.
Being a citizen of this country, she was been denied her rights to deserve the
matriculation. She has put in all her effort to always be the best among the best
and now all her dreams has been shattered down by the UMNO led government .SugenthaSangatha 
had always wanted to be a Cardiologist and if she was given Matriculation we are
sure she will be the one of the best cardiologist in Malaysia .
In MRSM Terendak, together with Sugentha there were 107 students, which 97 were
muslims and 10 were non muslims . Almost 95 % of the 97 muslim students were
accepted into both Matriculation and UPU but none of the 10 non muslims was accepted
in both the Matriculation and UPU.
Are Indian not part of the PM’s one Malaysia Program.?Why is she denied a place in
the Matriculation program?? She claims that Muslims students obtained lower results
Sangatha (3) then her is granted a place in Matriculation, she wishes them good of luck but she
is still puzzled why she is denied?? What else has she need to do to be granted a
place?? Could the Education Ministry assist to answer her??
Coming from the middle class living family, her parents can’t afford her to continue
her studies in the Private university . What is going to happen to the future of
this smart indian student ?? This is a classical racial discrimination in Malaysia.Sagentha
HRP/Hindraf would like to re- iterate that Sugentha deserves a place in the
Matriculation for her hardwork. This is not begging scheme but this is her rights .
Just like Sugentha, there are many Smart indians students denied entry into
Matriculation , JPA Scholarship denied and we want this marginalization to be
stopped immediately . 
This is UMNO Prime Minister’s Najib Razak’s One Malay-sia.
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