Sunday, May 9, 2010

HINDRAF/HRP: UMNO racism-4 days later Darshini mom passed away.

Darshini now fourteen years old was an orphan. Some ten years ago Darshini was adopted from a government welfare home who had attempted to convert her to Islam. Although both Darshini’s natural parents were born in Malay-sia the UMNO led Malaysian government has denied Darshini her Malaysian citizenship and a Malaysian Identity card with impunity. Her birth certificate has an endorsement that she is not a Malaysian citizen and in direct contravention of Article 14 of the Federal Constitution. (citizenship by operation of Law).
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Darshini’s adopted father Mr. Ponnudorai (59) and Mother Madam Kaliaswary since they had adopted Darshini ten years ago has gone to the UMNO National Registration Department (NRD) at least on 15 occasions but the NRD had repetedly denied Darshini her Malaysian citizenship and Identity Card.
Because of her stateless status Darshini was victimised by her school authorities who see her as a soft target. The school denied her entry into the school for the first three months of the year for supposedly “disciplinary” problems.
The family solicited HRP’s help.
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After P.Uthayakumar had spoken to the UMNO Education Minister’s special officer for Teachers and students En. Shamsuri Jamil, the school was forced to take her back from the early March 2010 onwards. In April Darshini was again suspended for three days for some “disciplinary” reason Darshini denies.
Darshini’s mother became depressed when Darshini attempted to commit suicide and was hospitalised two weeks ago.
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