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“Dulu susah sekarang lagi susah”. Indian single parent and kids move from poverty to hardcore poverty

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 - OLD 1 “Dulu susah sekarang lagi susah”. Indian single parent and kids move from poverty to hardcore poverty
Earlier single parent Nageswary and her two teenage children were poor and have now become hardcore poor, as she can no longer work.
Nageswary is even unable to pay her monthly rentals and water bill which has now accumulated to RM 3,029.45 (USD 780.00), and has already been given notice to quit by DBKL, and will shortly become homeless and would most likely end up on the streets. Had Nageswary been a Malay Muslim, her backdated and future rentals would be paid up by Baitulmalm, Pusat Urus Zakat, etc. But even the DBKL and the Federal UMNO Welfare Department has refused to help Nageswary out.
As a cleaner in a bank, she had injured both her hands as a result of the side effects of the acidic washing liquid. We presume that UMNO’s Socso as usual had refused to pay her the due invalidity pension which would have kept her out of poverty. Added to all this she now can’t even pay the school fees of two children who are now in secondary school.
The much publicized e-Kasih cards have been denied to Nageswary. Why go far, almost all the Indian poor have never heard of these e-Kasih cards (meant for the Malay Muslim) let alone having beneffitted from it.
The RM 200 she receives from the Welfare Department would not even be enough to pay her medical bills, and this family suffer on a day to day basis.
This is just the tip of the Indian hardcore poor iceberg.
In UMNO’s Malaysia it would make a difference if one was a Malay Muslims poor.
But UMNO would never give this family an opportunity out of poverty like giving them the ten acre land ownership schemes in Felda, Felcra, Risda, Fama, Mardi, Agropolitan etc. UMNO would refuse to grand this poor Indian family land in the scores of land schemes in cattle and goat farming, poultry or fresh water, sea water or prawn breeding.
But never mind that Malaysia imports 90% of it’s mutton 75% of it’s beef and 95% of it’s milk. Never mind if Malaysia’s foreign exchange flows out of the country but no way and no chance of farming opportunities for the poor Indians. Denying land to the non malay poor, so that they can live on their own land and eke out a living, has been the policy of Umno these last 53 years.
At best UMNO offers them these RM 200 or so per month peanuts as a temporary measure ,and keep them at the end of a rope, but no long term and permanent solutions like that for the Malay poor. And for these peanuts UMNO would expect the Indians to grateful to them.
But again even the supposedly multi-racial PKR, DAP, and PAS would not champion or speak up aginst this level of UMNO’s discrimination, a level does not happen in any other part of the world, as they fear losing Malay votes.
Today under UMNO’s 53 year old rule, Malaysia has emerged as the world‘s most racist and religious extremist country.
P. Uthayakumar.

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