Wednesday, April 28, 2010

UMNO’s RM1.00 per head to train Indian entrepreneurs

UMNO’s RM1.00 per head to train Indian entrepreneurs
 Indian business chamber leader kk.eswaran The 2010 Budget allocation is RM191.5 billion and yet UMNO has the cheek to grant RM2 million for the 2 Million Indian population in Malay-sia @ an average of RM1.00 per Indian through their Indian business mandore.
Despite 53 years of independence UMNO still segregates the Indians and excludes them from the national mainstream development of Malaysia by this peanuts and mandore politics.
UMNO is obsolete, we the fourth, fifth and sixth generation of Indians see through this UMNO rasicm, religious extremism and supremacy.
We should be part of the RM191.5 million budget and do not need a separate allocation of the peanuts of RM1.00 to create one Indian entrepreneur.
UMNO should stop repeatedly insulting the Indians.

UMNOs RM1.00 per head