Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The move of the Indian votes to UMNO is tactical and PR needs to understand that the Indian votes do not come for free . They must be earned.

Kee Thuan Chye wrote in an article published today the 27th of April 2010 in titled ‘”They don’t want change do they?”
“Indian voters suffered from myopia and amnesia, the big Hindraf march of late 2007 expressing the frustration of more than 50 years of Indian marginalisation all but forgotten. They went for the short-term gains.”
4_goodiesMyopia mean short sight. Meaning Indians have gone for short term gains. Have they really?
The Indians marched for changes to their lives in the Grand Hindraf Rally. Have they seen the changes?
From their standpoint PR is proving to be no different than BN in the last two years. Every Indian problem that existed two years ago at the time of the Rally is pretty much still there. Nothing has been forthcoming from the PR Governments in the 4 states to really address the underlying issues . Just unfulfilled promises, theatrics in the media, mollifying goodies and more of the mandore stuff ala UMNO.
Then we get silly excuses like it is only two years, we need more time.
Why does one need so much time to address a couple of the issues , for a lesser community. Has anything serious really been started that may take some time to yield tangible results or changes?
So, what does one infer from all of this? ……… only that PR has no political will to address the Indian issues, plain and simple. That is not much different than under BN, is it?  Kee, tell me that the inference is unjustified.
The votes have not gone permanently to BN either. It has gone to BN as a protest against PR for their amnesia. Will stay there only as long as necessary. PR cannot take the Indian votes for granted. PR has to earn the Indian votes.
Now see that it is PR who has amnesia, but I do not see you complaining. Kee!
Indians have not gone for short term gains. Anyway how much of the multimillions were spent on projects benefitting the Indians.The move of the votes is tactical to let PR know there must be permanent changes, the changes the Indians marched for, in the Grand Hindraf Rally, if PR is to keep the votes. That is actually a long term move , more than what you can grasp, it appears, dear Kee, It is not because of myopia or amnesia as you so superficially put it, or so self servingly understand it.
Your tone in accusing the Indians that they suffer from myopia and amnesia is downright condescending. Please do not think you have monopoly over wisdom. This condescending attitude, generally seen with our Chinese compatriots is also a needed component of the change we seek of this racist system. Let us see some of that  as we walk together for larger changes. What say you?