Saturday, April 10, 2010

UMNO’s DBKL’s RM 1.8 million for poor students. Most Indian poor excluded but Indian girls in centre of attraction photo.

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This is the classical UMNO wayang kulit. Two Indian girls are made to stand in the centre of an Utusan Malaysia photograph to give the illusion wayang kulit that even the Indian poor are being assisted. Look at the picture carefully – it is a sea of malay students, with two Indian students made to stand up front to create an illusion of OneMalaysia!
To start off with we estimate anything from 0.1% to mere 1% of the deserving Indians benefitting.
UMNO must be transparent and publish the full list of such beneficiaries in the DBKL Website according to ethnicity family background criteria for help etc. Let us have the statistics!
S. Jayathas

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