Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hulu Selangor: Mysel IC & BC Tuan and Mandore wayang kulit. New “Comit” Mandore created.

url myselWe have repeatedly written to the PKR led Selangor government that Indian children being maliciously denied Birth Certificates and Identity Cards by the Federal UMNO government, and that an IC and BC Secretariat must be set up at the State Secretariat and to be headed by a Senior State Civil Servant Director, and assisted by a Manager, five regional managers and 100 staff with the view to facilitate, liaise, and the 78 P.R MPs collectively putting pressure on the Home Minister in Parliament and do all that is necessary to pro actively and endeavor to solve this problem within six months from the date hereof.
But what appears to have happened is the PKR “Tuan” Menteri Besar had instructed his Indian Exco Mandore to outsource this critical Indian problem to another Indian sub mandore heading an NGO called Comit who would be given a peanut allocation and wielding zero powers to address this very serious problem. So that when the results are not achieved, this sub mandore would become the punching bag for the disillusioned Indians.
This is the very same mandore politics that was put in effect for the 98 tamil schools in Selangor by dishing out peanuts RM 1.7 million, ie., 0.17% per annum out of the RM 1.9 billion 2010 Selangor state government budget to one mandore NGO but operating under three different names.
Soon some Indian sub mandore would who did not benefit from the system would lodge a police report against the Comit mandores, with allegations of misuse of funds, mismanagement, etc, would arise and the fight would return to becoming an internal Indian quarrel when the real culprits are the UMNO and PKR “tuans”.
In the view of the years of the UMNO racist administration we feel that it would make a difference when a Malay Selangor Civil Servant Director and his senior officers write and follow up with telephone calls to the Federal UMNO National Registration Department. We would see more positive results this way.
After all, PKR like DAP and PAS all claim to be “multi racial” parties at least in theory. So this can certainly be done.
But the truth is that like UMNO, PKR has no desire in sincerely addressing this very critical Indian problem so like UMNO in the previous 50 years, PKR too continues with this their Indian mandores and furthering their UMNO politics by illusions, wayang kulit, accompanies by a dikir barat ensemble!
P. Uthayakumar
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