Saturday, April 3, 2010

Norizan shot by police gets Home Minister’s attention but PKR abandons hundreds of such Indians


Norizan deserves all the attention from the Home Minister (see The Sun 2/4/2010 at page 6). The policemen who had shot her must be prosecuted for attempted murder. Then and only then will these atrocities stop.

While Norizan is lucky to tell her story the fact remains that up to 95% of the local victims shot dead by the police are Malaysian Indians.

If and only if PKR MPs’ had similarly made such arrangements for these Indians to see the Home Minister, scores of innocent lines would have been saved, injustices, miseries and loss of human lives spared.

A victim of police abuse is a victim. The ethnicity should not matter.

In one of the latest cases of police shooting dead five Indians in Klang including three coffins in one family, one of the victim’s sister Seetha committing suicide after also giving poison to her three children who somehow survived. But this case never saw the light of the day in meeting the Home Minister even though it is a thousand times more serious than Norizan’s case. This case involving Indians being police victims are just the tip of the iceberd. Every day scores of Indians are unlawfully arrested, beaten up, who cannot afford lawyers, and are forced to plead guilty and serve jail sentences for crimes they may or not have committed.

Has racial consideration become such a factor in Malaysia to this extent?

When we start speaking up for these such victims who suffer the most but gets the least attention even Opposition and PKR Leader Anwar Ibrahim says Hindraf is having a racist agenda. Raising human rights issue can never be racism!

In any civilized country the majority will most often bend backwards to champion minority interests because the majority and the powerful minorities will somehow be taken care of.

We call upon the PKR MPs to similarly also bring Seetha’s and other such cases to the relevant UMNO Minister so that justice would also reach the doorsteps of these Indian victims.

After all PKR is a “multi-racial” party with no racist agenda.

P. Uthayakumar