Saturday, April 3, 2010

No history of PKR, DAP and PAS MPs suspended, walked out of Parliament, filed motions and emergency motions or filed parliamentary questions on critic

Today’s NST 2/4/2010 at page 15 sub headlines is, “Two MPs ordered out of house” and “Opposition MPs stage walkout”.

Today there are 78 PKR, DAP and PAS Opposition MPs’ in Parliament. With the Hindraf Rally on 25th November 2007, even UMNO’s 50 year old history of two thirds majority was broken. But despite the critical Indian problems having accumulated for 50 long years under the UMNO regime, it is not deemed fit by “multiracial” PKR, DAP and PAS to walk out, file motions emergency motions, file Parliamentary questions, let alone get suspended, or ordered out of Parliament to draw attention on a single critical Indian problem as for example outlined in “Human Rights Violations Against the Ethnic Minority Malaysian Indians” – HRP Briefing for foreign and diplomatic missions in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on 26/3/2010.

For example the issue of 10,000 Tamil school pupils enrolling in standard one cannot read and write at all because they did not attend kindergarden because of poverty (The Star 15/3/2010 at page N46). Nothing was done on this issue by the ‘multi-racial” 78 PKR, DAP and PAS MPs’ and their leaders. But when we ask why is this so PKR Supremo Anwar Ibrahim replies that this Hindraf’s agenda is racist.

P. Uthayakumar