Friday, April 9, 2010

Hulu Selangor: UMNO – MIC gets to contest. PKR – Malay gets to contest. Who is more racist? Anwar Ibrahim or UMNO?

ANWAR WAYANG KULITMIC gets to contest ( The Star 8/4/2010 at page N2)
MIC Wakil BN (Berita Harian headlines 8/4/2010)
MIC jadi pilihan: Najib Calon parti itu jadi taruhan BN rampas kerusi Hulu Selangor (Sinarharian 8/4/2010 at page N4).
UMNO Bahagian Hulu Selangor sokong calon MIC.
Hulu Selangor: BN letak calon MIC (Utusan Malaysia 8/4/2010 at page 2}.
Also in the three Tamil press, NST, etc.
They all scream that UMNO/BN would support an MIC candidate in Hulu Selangor.
But as it stands the PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim seems to be focusing on a Malay candidate.
So who is more racist in so far as seat allocation for minority Indians where ethnicity is concerened. UMNO’s Najib or PKR’s Anwar Ibrahim?
We hope we are wrong on the talk some ten years ago contesting that the most racist in UMNO are now in PKR.
Beginning from 1999 onwards from the traditional Indian seat by Lunas, and Ijok in the 1999 and 2004 general elections were all grabbed by the PKR Malays.
On the contrary in the traditional Malay seats by-elections of;
Indera Kayangan 
Kuala Berrang
Pasir Talam
Manek Urai
Permatang Pasir
Bagan Pinang
Permatang Pauh
Kuala Terengganu
Bukit Gantang
They  were all contested by Malays from PKR or PAS. The same in the 1999, 2004 and 2008 general elections.
Similarly in the traditional Chinese seats of
Indera Kayangan
Ketari and
Machap, these seats were all given to the Chinese.
But when it comes to traditional Indian seats PKR grabs it away and gives it to a Malay. And is this the direction they are heading in Hulu Selangor?
Whereas Anwar Ibrahim turns around and accuses Hindraf of having a racist agenda when we simply point out these injustices.
Karunai Nithi @ Compenssionate Justice
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