Friday, April 9, 2010

Hulu Selangor PKR gimmick: 100, 000 people to get Selangor land titles but no land for 98 Tamil schools, all Hindu temples and crematoriums and Indian poor landless.

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Hulu Selangor PKR gimmick 100 1The Malaysian Nanban on 8/04/2010 in it’s front pages and NST 8/04/2010 at page 13 reported that 100, 000 people would be granted land titles.
But why the PKR Selangor pin drop silence for land for all 98 Tamil schools in Selangor for a start. And then land for all Hindu cematories and all Hindu temples all in one go as opposed to the wayang kulit and false promises of land for this Hindu temple here and Tamil school there through their Indian Exco & MP Mandores. Thousands of Indian land settlers now evicted and to be evicted as squatters have yet to be given even their offer to purchase low cost houses. The latest example being the 200 over PJS and Lembah Subang Indians.
PKR then get their Indian Exco, MP, ADUN and other mandores to do the propaganda that PKR/PR has only been in power for two years unlike  UMNO that has ruled for 50 years. So they need time and to get to Putrajaya first before giving land to Tamil schools, Hindu temples and crematories.
Our answer is land is exclusively within the preview and almost absolute powers of the State government and not the UMNO Federal government.
If PKR, DAP and PAS do not give land to Tamil schools, Hindu temples and crematories all in one go and not piecemeal basis which they have 100% control the chances are they are not going to solve the 100 over other critical Indian problems when they get to Putrajaya.
We are committed to ending UMNO’s 53 year rule of Malaysia without a break in the chain empowerment strategy with our public interest 15 MP’s and 38 ADUN’s will be the PR’s check and balance in both Putrajaya and the State assemblies in the seven Indian concentrated states.
Our forward moving plan is the Indian political empowerment strategy – the way forward.
S. Jayathas
Information Chief 

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Selangor PKR gimmick 100 1
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